Spray Mineral Deodorant
Liquid spray mineral deodorant that keeps you dry and fresh all day. Herbal aroma. Use Apply to under arm area. Tip: Apply two to four sprays close to armpit area.  Ingredients Purified Water • Magnesium Hydroxide • Odor Controlling Essential Oil...
No Bug
No Bug
Soft Lemony Vanilla bug deterrent. Fast drying and with a pleasant aroma. We use only essential oils to ward off bugs. Use Apply skin and clothes as needed.  Ingredients Fractionated Coconut Oil • Distilled Water • Distilled Witch Hazel (Organic)...
Deodorant Creme
Creamy smooth deodorant that last all day. Fresh herbal aroma. Excellent for travel and gym bag. Choose from two sizes. Use Apply to underarm area with fingertips as needed. Thin layer is usually sufficient.  Ingredients Virgin Coconut Oil (Organic) •...
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