Age Care - Face Serum
Anti-age lightweight oil fast absorbing facial oil hydrates and smooths skins with key ingredients of Frankincense and CoQ10. Use Apply to a few drops to fresh face. Also recommended for neck and chest area.  Ingredients Rosehip Oil (Organic) • Argan Oil (Organic) • Sweet...
Carbon Facial Soap
Our Activated Charcoal facial soap is our most popular soaps! Made for troubled acne skin, but a favorite with all. Made with a lot of activated charcoal and a skin loving essential oil blend including Lavender & Lemongrass. Use Lather...
Avocado Soap
Body bar soap made with avocado oil and scented with lemongrass and patchouli essential oils. A popular soap with French green clay, cocoa powder and a seductive scent. Use Wet soap and use on body or hands. Use bath poof...
Prime This recipe came about years ago as an invisible layer as to stop the irritation from sunscreens and makeup. After years of being exclusive to family and friends, Prime is available and now a top seller. Very popular with...
Argan Oil
100% Pure Organic Moroccan Argan oil, naturally deodorized.  A lightweight oil high in Vitamin E that deeply hydrates and treats skin, hair, and nails. Use Apply to hair, skin and nails.  Ingredients Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Container 2 oz frosted glass bottle. 
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