Calendula & Chamomile Soap
Super mild soap made with 80% Olive Oil with calendula oil and chamomile tea. No essential oils added for a pure mild soap.  Use Wet soap and use on body or hands. Use bath poof for extra lather. Keep soap...
Coconut Oil
100% Pure Organic Coconut Oil from Mexico. Pure organic virgin coconut oil from a lush volcanic region in Mexico. Over 101 uses. Nothing added, just pure virgin organic coconut oil. Note: Coconut oil solidifies (becomes solid) at about 76℉ (24...
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No Tos
Eucalyptus Rub
A gentle balm that promotes restfulness without harsh camphor or menthol. No Tos contains Zinziba, which is indigenous to South and East Africa and is a well-established and traditional herbal remedy. The rich olive oil base is moisturizing while the essential...
Peshtemal Bath & Beach Towel - Pink
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Peshtemal Bath & Beach Towel - Pink
Used in Turkish baths for centuries, "Peshtemal" is a traditional Turkish unisex towel, that is both classic and elegant; which is incredibly light weight, absorbs water as fast as towels, but dries five times faster. Our Peshtemal Towels take up...
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Sea Sponges
Sustainable sea sponges from the ocean in two types for your body or face. Use with soap for rich lux lather. Very absorbent, they hold a lot of water.  Mediterranean Silk Sea Sponge: About 3-3.5 inches of super soft baby...
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