Carbon Facial Soap

  • $20.00

Our Activated Charcoal facial soap is our most popular soaps!

Made for troubled acne skin, but a favorite with all. Made with a lot of activated charcoal and a skin loving essential oil blend including Lavender & Lemongrass.


Lather with water and hands and apply to face. For more problematic skin, let sit on face for about 30 seconds and rinse well. Don't get in eyes. 

Also good for body parts with acne. 


Purified Water • Coconut Oil (organic) • Palm Kernel Oil (organic) • Olive Oil • Sodium Hydroxide • Shea Butter • Avocado Oil • Grape Seed Oil • Castor Oil • Lavender Lemongrass Essential Oil Blend • Activated Charcoal • Rosemary Extract


  • Traveler - 3 oz
  • Standard - 5 oz